Fish-On Charters​

About Fish-On Charters​

Who we are
We're a team of 2 experienced travel guides, fishing guides by profession, currently in our breakout year as our own entity. We're on a mission to give you unforgettable experiences in unique places of the world.
Jake is from The United states and Barnie from South Africa. Our diverse global experience and background gives us confidence in not only meeting your requirements but exceeding all your expectations.

What we offer​
We aim to offer our clients a personalised and flexible itinerary, helping you get the best value for your money.​ We pride ourselves in being at your service throughout your stay with us, satisfying personal requirements and resolving any issues that may arise. We ultimately aim to get your trip planned to the point where you can literally pack away your wallet while you're with us. NOBODY likes unexpected expenses and invoices in the mail when you get back home. We'll let you buy your own souvenirs and gifts but furthermore "When you're with us, it's on us", we really pride ourselves in the regard of an all inclusive package

2016 & 2017
We are focusing on Africa and all she has to offer. Predominantly the trips will start with a weeks combination of SAFARI​ and TIGERFISHING and from there we can schedule the activities as per your request, i.e. get some HUNTING​ done, do more SAFARI​ in the national parks, see GREAT WHITES, RIDE ELEPHANTS, ​extreme WHITEWATER RAFTING​ below Vitoria Falls, go to some BIG CAT​​ parks​​​, visit the ​CRADLE OF MANKIND, see ​GOD's WINDOW or any African activity that you want to tick off your bucketlist. We'll find a way to fit it in.

Have a look at our Africa 2016/2017 page


Tigerfishing on the Zambezi​

Big Cat Parks​

Elephant Rides​

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